All Saints, Fawley - Community & Heritage

Community Churchyard

Aerial view of church and graveyard from 1923 before refinery was built

The churchyard at All Saints is rich in history, rich in wildlife and full of nooks and crannies where you can sit and think - or simply sit and enjoy the peace.

The churchyard and its surroundings have changed over the years as can be seen in this 1923 aerial view before the refinery expansion in the 1950s. The valley running down to the coast on the left and bottom of the picture can still be found in the churchyard but now it runs into wooded areas on the edge of the refinery.

Churchyard trails

We've started to plan some Churchyard Trails that you can access live via your phone or download for offline use.Screenshot of part of the online (and mobile-phone friendly) tree trail

The tree trail is the first of these... get to know about some of the trees in the churchyard. From the myths and legends about them to their practical uses there's something for everyone.

Other trails we've started work on include a Mood trail and a Famous Folk trail. 

Every life is a story and some of the stories in the churchyard are amazing but we only know a few of them. If you have some stories to tell about a friend or relation buried in the churchyard let us know about it. 

Churchyard clear up and bulb planting

Back in September 2015 we had a Saturday Community Clear-up and Bulb Planting event with brilliant support from local firms.
Charlie Dimmock joined us for the day and led the way in getting stuck in to the joyful slog of planting bulbs. Altogether we planted some 2000 bulbs. Make sure you plan in a visit to the churchyard in the Spring to see them all come up! 

Click on the image below for a bigger version - see if you recognise anyone!

Thumbnail image of the crowd who helped with the churchyard clean up and bulb planting. on 19th Sept  2015