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From this page you can access a wealth of articles by Annabella Drummond.

The day the enemy came to stay – three German flying boats end up in Hythe under mysterious circumstances. George Elsey’s account of some mysterious goings on.
Download The day the enemy came to stay – doc 2.3 Mb

Memories of Kathy Jones - Kathy Jones (nee Burnett) moved to West Common in Langley when she was three in 1925. These are her memories of Langley, Fawley, Rollestone, Holbury – with a bit of Hythe, Calshot and Marchwood thrown in.
Download Memories of Kathy Jones – doc 2.3 Mb

Maldwin Drummond’s wartime memories – Maldwin Drummond offers a school boy’s perspective on the war – from tangerines to spies, corpses to bats. This is Cadland as it is rarely seen
Download Maldwin Drummond’s wartime memories - doc 3.5 Mb

Brian Tillman's memories of the war years - memories of Langley, Blackfield, Exbury and Badminston. Air raids by the Germans, fist fights among rival allies and overt racism in the US troops.
Download Brian Tillman's memories of the war years - pdf 3.0 Mb

Ron Mintram's; 'We were survivors' - memories of a wartime childhood in Holbury and Hardley. The Empire in the classroom, nights in air raid shelters, making rations go further and the effect of a direct bomb hit on a cesspit and a plum tree...
Download Ron Mintram's 'We were survivors' -  pdf - 0.5 Mb

Stephen Wright's memories of WW2 - Stanswood, Lepe, Calshot and even PLUTO feature in this account! Rationing, milk churn savings bank and poles in the middle of a field? All will be revealed! 
Download Stephen Wright's wartime memories - doc -4.6 Mb