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Tristan da Cunha memories

Map showing Tristan da Cunha overlaid on the Waterside area between Applemore and Inchmery (north/south) and Beaulieu -Fawley (east/west) The following documents (researched by Annabella Drummond in collaboration with the Waterside Heritage Centre) record the unusual and improbable link between the Waterside area and a distant volcanic island in the middle of the South Atlantic.

As the image shows, the entire island of Tristan da Cunha is comparable to the area of the Waterside itself. The only difference being that - on Tristan - it's nearly 1,500 miles to the nearest land mass.

Please note these documents are comprehensive but you can navigate them easily using the bookmarks - if you are using Adobe Reader on a laptop look for the bookmark option in the left-hand side tool panel.

Tristan da Cunha - Part 1: Historical background, people and personalities

From the 1500s to the first community, sealing, whaling, isolation and sustainability.
Download Tristan history part 1. (PDF)

Tristan wildlife and geography

Geography and wildlife; longboats and a remarkable incident with one.

Download Tristan wildlife and geography (PDF).

Tristan da Cunha - Part 2: Volcano; exile and return

The eruption and evacuation. Journey to England. Pendell and Calshot. The return to Tristan - and those who stayed.

Download Tristan part 2 - exile and return (PDF).